Erwin Dirkse

Erwin Dirkse, General Manager at DMT Environmental Technology, a company founded in 1987 by his father Rob Dirkse. In 2001, Erwin took over from his father and DMT became more and more internationally oriented.

In addition to the day-to-day management of DMT Environmental Technology, Erwin is chairman and director of various interest groups and advocate of Sustainability and Circular Economy. Erwin believes in creating a Clear and Prosperous Future, or a future that is clean and prosperous thanks to the application of smart technology.

DMT works together with Biolease, is working on increasing the visibility for biogas and extend our scope of supply by offering financing to be able to offer a complete package.

In 2015, Erwin was nominated for Frisian Entrepreneur of the year 2015. In addition to this award, Erwin also won the High Growth Award for several years in a row and won a Gazellen award from the Financieel Dagblad. He won most of them for his achievements in leading the growth of his company to a global organisation and his entrepreneurship.

Erwin is an apostle of the Big 5 for Life principle in which DMT employees are encouraged to set five life goals. DMT, will then look to see how it can help employees achieve these goals. Erwin has also has set a Big five for DMT, which he is working towards as an entrepreneur. Creating a clean and prosperous future is the main objective. Erwin wants to contribute to a sustainable future with his company and technology without sacrificing prosperity. DMT develops smart technologies that benefit our planet and its residents. The innovative designs, installations and services are distinguished in the field of quality and ROI. Collaborating with customers and exchanging knowledge with partners are key elements. Erwin’s greatest capital is his team of enthusiastic people who constantly strive to improve themselves!

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